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*The following statements are based on personal experiences.

"From the very first night that I took it when I got back from the Happiness Extension, my sharp nerve pain in my back went completely away. I had been experiencing severe nerve pain again about a month prior and started seeing the chiropractor again. The nerve pain persisted to very painful the weekend of the Happiness Extension. I equate that pain to flying, the hotel bed and sitting in the convention hall for those long days of the event. The sharp pain completely vanished the next morning after taking my first dose. I have also noticed my allergy headaches have improved and definitely notice that my body is less inflamed. I suffer from sleep apnea and I feel like I am sleeping much better. Love the product!"

– Timothy Holick | Raynham Center, MA

"The First day I started taking Hemplevate was Saturday June 23rd and been taking 2 drops before bed ever since then. I have never in my life have slept as good as I have taking Hemplevate. For years I have always had troubles sleeping and the last couple years I always wake up in the middle of the night and always have a hard time falling back to sleep. Since Taking Hemplevate, since the first night and every night since I have slept all night. It doesn't take long for me to fall asleep after I take hemplevate and still can't believe I don't get up anymore in the middle of the night and actually get good sleep and wake up feeling so refreshed. the other huge thing with hemplevate is I can't believe how it took my back pain away. For the past few years I have had really bad back pain and the only way when it gets really bad to get the pain and inflammation out I had to be on steroids. I was telling my sister before I left for my trip to Texas that when I get back I am going to have to make an appointment with the doctors because my back was really bad. when got introduced and started taking hemplevate, by the second day, my pain in my lower back was gone and it hasn't come back which is so crazy."

– Melissa Kugel | Appleton, WI

"Wake up ready to go, feeling fully rested. Great sound sleep."

– Bridgid Agosta | Omaha, NE

"I teach exercise and have been a dancer for over 20 years. I have joint pain and arthritis. This helps me to move like I was 20 years younger and sleep through the night."

– Cecilia Dessingue | Monroe, NC

"I haven't been able to get down on floor and back up again hardly at all, too painful. Seeing all the things that are changing… I decided to try again so I got down on hands and knees and hurt only a little and then I decided to stand up… wonder of wonders, put one foot on the ground and got up!!!! That might not sound like a big deal to you, but my 92 year old mother lives with me and drops things under bed and furniture and it has been really hard finding them for her and getting up off the floor. The other changes? Sleeping through the night where I used to get up at least once or twice a night and not tossing and turning all night. My lower back pain is gone and Ican work in kitchen, cooking dinner for 25 or 30 people for hours at a time without it hurting! Even my neck pain gone!"

– Tonilou Gordon | Hemet, CA

"I have had pain reduction from a problem with my rotator cuff... I have also had improved sleep. My husband, John 48 y/o has had pain reduction from a tendon problem in his shoulder, improved sleep and DOSE amplified when taken with it. My son, Tristen 21 y/o (autism, adhd, ODD, anxiety, sleep disorder) NO more meds since getting on DOSE... and he hemplevate has helped him be even more calm and improved mood and sleep better than with just the Dose alone."

– Tonya Breeds | Paragould, AR


"I hesitated because I have tried CBD creams and pills but nothing has ever had any effect on me. BUT, I have learned that when she says Do it! I have to trust her... OH WOW! She had told me when she would drop off the Hemplevate so I held off on my pain pills all day. That first dose I only did 1 dropper fu ll but wow the pain relief was within 30 minutes and it wasn't just the edge being gone like with my dilaudid - I WAS PAIN FREE! I think that was June 25th, I haven't taken a dilaudid since! Some days I do a dropper first thing in the am and then another early afternoon- I metabolize things fast and wanted to make my bottle last. Haha. Some days only one dropper in the am. I started back doing cardio today, 2 droppers 15 mins before I started so it would kick in before the crippling pain and it worked! I firmly believe that the only way -FOR ME personally to receive any benefits from CBD is sublingual-how ever this is magically fomulated. THANK YOU! I am so blessed by this. Thank you for giving me this opportunity."

– Tara Brenner | Gig Harbor, WA

"I usually wake up every morning with a pounding intense headache, since I started using the Hemplevate those have disappeared. I also have a level mood and am all around more mellow."

– Roberta Frees | Vancouver, WA

"A little update on my results after about 6 weeks using our new CBD/ECN product. Taking 2 droppers per day at bed time. I am now having approximately 7 hours of sound sleep. Was getting up 2 or 3 times a night to use the bathroom. I drink a ton of water daily so I use to go at least once a night but most nights twice. My lower back pain is entirely gone and my arthritis or degenerative joint issues with my wrists are pain free, the inflammation in my wrists are gone as well. Energy level is at about 10 on a scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest I am really an 11. Focus is better, I am a little scattered at times but I seem to be focussing a lot better. These are just the conditions I can think of, I know there are many more improvements on the horizon but after 6 weeks thats not bad in my overall Health and Wellbeing."

– Leo Scholz | Atascadero, CA

"I do use some nutritional supplements. I have only been using the product for 8 days. I started using it regularly at night on 7/10/18. I had immediate results the following morning of less pain in my back and shoulder (80%) and less pain in my feet when I walk (do not have diabetes but was told by a thermographer that I do have poor circulation in my feet). It was painful everytime I would get up to walk and going up and down steps. My knees are much better as well when going up and down steps. I do feel like I sleep better. I am not a person to suffer headaches so I can not address that. My lower back is much better to the point of discomfort and not ALL of the pain is gone. My R shoulder and arm are also get prolonged relief. I have been in 4 car accidents and each time was rear-ended and I was driving. It takes a little bit o nothin' to make my back/shoulder hurt so I am VERY grateful for the relief this provides. I hav e never taken any kind of pain pills for this. I had been using a far infrared heating pad and that did help considerably. But the pain/discomfort and pain in my feet especially came back."

– Aleta Batz | Colfax, IN